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Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes is an anthology of forty-three interviews with minds of all kinds. Disinformation named it "among the most important books published in 2007," and Erik Davis called it "a crisp and substantial remix of the major memes of the last decade or so."

Spanning over seven years, Follow for Now includes interviews with such luminaries as Bruce Sterling, Douglas Rushkoff, Philip K. Dick, Aesop Rock, Howard Bloom, David X. Cohen, Richard Saul Wurman, N. Katherine Hayles, Manuel De Landa, Shepard Fairey, Steven Johnson, Geert Lovink, Brenda Laurel, and many, many more -- and interviews by John Brockman, Erik Davis, DJ Spooky, and Mark Dery, among others (click here for the full Table of Contents)... Read more

Latest News:

Follow for Now on the BookPeople Best-Sellers Table

Follow for Now is now on the BookPeople Best-Sellers table here in Austin, Texas!

Thanks to Michael McCarthy, all at BookPeople, and you all for making this happen.

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Follow for Now is Now Available at BookPeople

Yep, nearly five years after its release, Follow for Now is now available at BookPeople in Austin, Texas. As you can see in the photo below, it’s in the General Science section.

It’s also in Cyberculture & History, and right now, in the New Arrivals. Read more

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Roy Christopher at SXSW 2011

This is a short clip of Follow for Now editor Roy Christopher yammering on about his recent projects (Follow for Now, Disconnect the Dots, and The Medium Picture) at SXSW 2011. Follow for Now friends Shahriar Shadab filmed and edited this [runtime: 3:07], and Jeff Newelt did the interview. Many thanks to them for indulging our editor’s goofy ass, and thank to you all for indulging him further.

Thanks to everyone for your continued interest.

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Follow for Now on Brain Pickings

Follow for Now got some updated shine thanks to cognitive curator Maria Popova and her excellent site Brain Pickings. Here are a few excerpts:

The book was originally published in 2007, which makes it a rare, paradoxical and infinitely fertile cross between sort-of-contemporary cultural critique of the present and near-prophetic time-capsule of the recent past, swiftly fluttering across disciplines and ideologies to deliver a powerful cross-pollinator of modern intellectual and creative curiosity… Read more

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From the Desk of… Frank Spencer

From the desk of Frank Spencer, Follow for Now has been spotted.

Frank is the principal at Kedge, which is a full-service foresight strategy firm that equips businesses, NGOs, and social initiatives with robust, adaptive and transformative capacity. Frank is a good dude, and I’m honored to have Follow for Now situated so close to his visions of the future(s).

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Follow for Now spotted in Jelly Helm’s Studio

From the Unintentional Product Placement Department comes this picture from Jelly Helm‘s studio in Portland, Oregon:

Jelly Helm is one of the most creative thinkers I know, and I am honored that Follow for Now is on the shelf in his studio.


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Follow for Now in the Troy University Dothan Library

Right between books called Scrutiny and The Great Ideas Today, here’s Follow for Now chillin’ on the shelf in the Troy University library, Dothan branch.

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Follow for Now Available at the University of Texas Library

For my fellow University of Texas at Austin students who have yet to get a copy, Follow for Now is now available in the library. Check it out.

As always, it’s still available at Powell’s, Amazon, on The Kindle, Google Books, Skylight Books, MonkeyWrench, Last Gasp, and at on this very site.

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Follow for Now at the University of Illinois at Chicago Bookstore

My friend and colleague Mike Schandorf required Follow for Now for his Writing for New Media class this semester at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He snapped this shot of the stack of copies in their bookstore. I’m stoked.

Many thanks, Schandorf. See you soonly.

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Follow for Now on Google Books

Now you can get Follow for Now for your Sony Reader (or other non-Kindle eBook device) via Google Books. Their format allows you to read books on the screen of your choice.

Of course, it’s also still available for Amazon’s Kindle and, if you prefer, Read more

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