Back Cover Blurbs

“Roy gets culture and, more importantly, gets why getting culture is so important. He’s a big picture thinker who isn’t so caught up in his visions that he forgets to research and report on the details of what’s really going on.”

— Douglas Rushkoff
New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program
Author, Get Back in the Box.

“Roy Christopher writes on topics and from points of view that usually alienate me. But he transcends cliché, asserts an unexpected point of view, and ends up utterly fascinating me.”

— Howard Bloom
Visiting Scholar, New York University
Author, The Lucifer Principle and Global Brain.

“Roy Christopher has one of those distinctive voices that pops up every once in a while, an intelligent voice that hasn’t been domesticated by the academic machine, an engaging voice that hasn’t been prostituted by the infotainment complex. He’s been tracking down the situations, people and ideas that he thinks matter. I’d like to see him get this all down in a book, and I’m not alone.”

— Peter Lunenfeld
Art Center College of Design
Editorial Director, Mediawork Pamphlet Series, MIT Press
Author, USER: InfoTechnoDemo.

“You know, when you get too old and too domesticated to know where the new stuff is going to hit you from, you need someone out there who knows how to duck and weave, and who brings back the news. That person is Roy Christopher.”

— McKenzie Wark
Cultural and Media Studies, Lang College, New School University
Author, A Hacker Manifesto.

“Roy Christopher has figured out the intricacies of navigating through the Network Society better than anyone I know. If you are anxious to mainline the strange new hybrids of postmodern, 21st century culture, then he’s the connection you need.”

— Steven Shaviro
Department of English, Wayne State University
Author, Connected.

“Roy Christopher distinguished himself among a field of more-credentialed contributors to the Disinformation web site. There are precious few new voices breaking through in the field of cultural commentary, making Roy’s writing all the more valuable.”

— Gary Baddeley
Publisher, The Disinformation Company

“This book is an exotic plant with roots sucking nutrients from the skulls of the most interesting people on the planet. Prepare to be pollinated.”

— Mark Frauenfelder

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