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Aesop Rock Chimes In

Aesop Rock had the following to say about Follow for Now:

fuck yeah. such a diverse collection of interviews from all types of interesting folk. even the people whom i was not familiar with prior to this were great, excluding me cuz i suck at life. really well done, man. i brought it on tour.

Thanks, Aes!

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Interview about Follow for Now in DIG BMX Magazine

DIG #58

Brian Tunney conducted the following brief interview with me regarding Follow for Now for Issue 58 (May/June, 2007) of DIG BMX Magazine. Thanks, Brian.

Roy Christopher is a Seattle-based man about town that’s been on the BMX scene for as long as anyone’s bothered to count at this point. We first featured Roy in issue 48 of Dig, discussing his interview-based website in the “Do You Compute?” section. Since then, Roy’s split his time between Seattle and Alabama, taking time along the way to compile an anthology of interviews he’s collected over the years, and self-publishing his work in the recently released book Follow for Now. The book compiles interviews with luminary and challenging personalities from all walks of life, including musicians, artists, and cultural theorists. And Roy was nice enough to rush me some answers to some wise ass questions about the book. Take some time off from the message boards and read on… Read more

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V. Vale on Follow for Now

In his RE/Search newsletter last week, V. Vale had the following to say regarding, Follow for Now:

Note that Roy Christopher has recently authored a must-have collection of his interviews, Follow for Now — order from or This is possibly the most “cutting edge” grouping of folks on the intersection of futurism/technology/art yet seen. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough! Check out pages 120-121, 242, 265 as an example…

Many thanks due, and be sure to check out my comments on Vale’s recent book, Pranks 2.

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Erik Davis on Follow for Now

The following blurb appeared on Erik Davis’ blog yesterday (Thanks, Erik!):

“Roy Christopher is the supersharp, humble, and very friendly guy who runs the website, which has long been one of my favorite spots online to feel the technoculture’s intellectual pulse — which in Christopher’s case is primarily sensed through dialogue. The thirty-something Christopher has a rich background — skateboards, BMX, zines, hip hop, Communication Theory degree from San Diego State (which is brimming with SF writers, by the way) — and all this (or something else, perhaps an alien implant) has given him an acute zeitgeist radar. The heart of frontwheeldrive is scores and scores of on-target, and generally succinct interviews — usually conducted by Roy, but also by folks like Mark Dery and Paul Miller. Now, after what seemed like eons, Christopher has collected a mess of these resonant chats and encased them in Gutenberg form. The book Follow for Now is like a crisp and substantial remix of the major memes of the last decade or so.”

“The interviewees are just the sort of people you hope you might run into at a party when you have had enough dancing and want to get down to postmillennial conundrums: SF writers (Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker), hip-hop masterminds (Dälek, Aesop Rock), posthuman theorists (McKenzie Wark, N. Kathering Hayles), visionary bards (Terence McKenna), media sneaks (Geert Lovink, Eric Paulos). Roy invited me to the party a couple of times as well, and Follow for Now contains both a brief interview with me and an interview I did (sorta) with Philip K. Dick (here’s the piece, if you are dying to see how I managed to interview a dead guy). Though Follow for Now appeared with the dreaded slowness of most books, its breadth, accessibility, and zine-worthy cover should give another kick in the pants to these already viral ideas and voices.”

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Roy Christopher: Flip the Script

What follows is the Introduction to my interview anthology Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes. Douglas Rushkoff suggested that I ask some of the interviewees from the book to ask me questions. I attempted to choose a broad set of people so that I might get a broad set of questions. My interviewers include Rushkoff, Erik Davis, Howard Bloom, Paul D. Miller a.k.a DJ Spooky, Steve Aylett, Howard Rheingold, Steven Shaviro, and Bruce Sterling. Here’s hoping that my answers provide at least a little bit of background as to why I put this book together. Many thanks to everyone involved and to you for your continued interest. Read more

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Back Cover Blurbs

“Roy gets culture and, more importantly, gets why getting culture is so important. He’s a big picture thinker who isn’t so caught up in his visions that he forgets to research and report on the details of what’s really going on.”

— Douglas Rushkoff
New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program
Author, Get Back in the Box. Read more

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Soft Skull News Blurb

Richard Nash over at Soft Skull posted this in their news today:

“Roy Christopher, a David Frost of the counter-culture, has a new book out, and I’ll quote a Soft Skull fellow traveler, the ingenious Disinformation Company, on why you should check it out: Read more

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Disinformation Blurb

From today’s Disinformation newsletter:

“A special shout out to Disinfo ally Roy Christopher, whose much-anticipated interview collection Follow For Now is about to hit bookstores near you. The collection includes stellar discussions with the key cultural luminaries, blogerati, and intellectuals of our time, from Douglas Rushkoff and Bruce Sterling to Doug Stanhope and Howard Bloom. Read the Table of Contents and you’ll see why I believe, if you’re interested in these people and their personal visions, that Follow For Now will be amongst the most important books published in 2007.” — Alex Burns

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