Follow for Now Review on 410 Media

David Baker over at 410 Media just posted a nice review of Follow for Now.

Here’s an excerpt:

The interviews are as far ranging as they sound. They range from Mark C. Taylor discussing The Philosophy of Culture, to media guru Douglas Rushkoff to Al Burian and the rest of Milemarker and the author Philip Dick. The cool thing is most of these interviews are by Roy Christopher so you follow along as he explores the intricacies of his own interest and in doing so makes them interesting to you. As you read these seemingly unconnected interviews you start to piece together parts of Roy Christopher’s personality as much as you find out about the subject being discussed. What do I think I have found out about Roy Christopher? I think he is all about new ideas and trying to figure things out. I think he is about trying to make connections between things that no one else has connected. At least to me, after reading a few of these interviews you start to see the connections between people like Douglas Rushkoff and Al Burian.

Read the full review here.

Many thanks to David and 410 Media for the attention.

410 Media

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