Soft Skull News Blurb

Richard Nash over at Soft Skull posted this in their news today:

“Roy Christopher, a David Frost of the counter-culture, has a new book out, and I’ll quote a Soft Skull fellow traveler, the ingenious Disinformation Company, on why you should check it out:

A special shout out to Disinfo ally Roy Christopher, whose much-anticipated interview collection Follow For Now is about to hit bookstores near you. The collection includes stellar discussions with the key cultural luminaries, blogerati, and intellectuals of our time, from Douglas Rushkoff and Bruce Sterling to Doug Stanhope and Howard Bloom. Read the Table of Contents and you’ll see why I believe, if you’re interested in these people and their personal visions, that Follow For Now will be amongst the most important books published in 2007. — Alex Burns”

“David Frost of the counter-culture”? My friends are far too kind.

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